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Major Fields of Application

Basic plasma physics
Space - space plasma physics
Space - plasma astrophysics
Fusion - high energy density physics
Fusion - magnetic confinement
Fusion - alternate concepts

Areas of Plasma Technology

Plasma processing, thin film deposition
Plasma-based lighting systems
Plasma chemistry
Plasma spray and bulk materials work
Sources and display systems
Environmental and health applications
One-atmosphere plasma systems
Materials synthesis
Switches, relays, focus, antennas
Power systems, thrusters

Because plasmas are conductive and respond to electric and magnetic fields and can be efficient sources of radiation, they are usable in numerous applications where such control is needed or when special sources of energy or radiation are required. The topics page provides close to 200 subject areas in plasma science and technology and nearly 100 applications.

This page introduces the major fields of application listed at the right. For each field, most or all of the plasma processes listed below are an essential ingredient. Plasma technology is a very broad category by itself as indicated by the many important areas listed below right.

Major Categories of Plasma Processes

Plasma equilibria, dynamic and static
Naturally-occurring plasmas
Plasma sources
Plasma-based devices
Plasma sheath phenomena
Wave and beam interactions in plasmas
Numerical plasmas and simulations
Plasma theory
Plasma diagnostics
Industrial plasmas

plasma spray for engine housing