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  This photo gallery features representative examples of plasmas and plasma devices in action and is laid out in   
  sections below fusion, space plasmas, and technology. Click thumbnail for larger photos. Contributions are welcome.

Fusion Plasmas
Z machine
Tokamak plasmas
laser plasmas
Tokamak plasmas in JET

  Tokamak plasma in action
Princeton Plasma
Physics Laboratory

 Laser plasmas in
inertial confinement fusion
University of Rochester
JET Tokamak
Fusion Device
United Kingdom


Space Plasmas
Space Plasmas, Sun to Earth
Artist's sketch of the dynamic
sun, solar wind and earth's
space plasma environment
- its magnetosphere.
Copyright 1999
Space Science Institute

Boulder, Colorado
all rights reserved.
Sun in X-rays
Auroral plasmas
Tarantula nebula
Nebula M1-67
X-ray view of the Sun from the
Yohkoh satellite ISAS, NASA
Viewing ionospheric plasmas, the Aurora
University of Alaska
Tarantula nebula as viewed by Hubble NASA
Nebula M1-67
a massive stellar wind


Plasma Technology
plasma waste processor
plasma chemist
one-atmosphere plasma
Plasma Waste Processing System
Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC

Plasma Chemistry
Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Atmospheric Plasma
Courtesy of J. Elston
Litmas,Advanced Energy
plasmas for drag reduction
plasma processing device
plasma arc lamp
surface coating system
Aerodynamic drag reduction and turbulence control
University of Tennessee

Plasma processing
of materials
Oak Ridge Laboratory  

High-intensity plasma arc lamp
Courtesy of OSRAM Sylvania, Danvers, MA
Surface coating
for engine housing
Oak Ridge Laboratory
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