Purpose and Acknowledgments

Torus plasma, Culham, United Kingdom


The domain "plasmas.org" has been reserved and assigned as the exclusive domain for this unique web page for all plasma sciences worldwide.

Dr. Timothy E. Eastman, consultant, of Plasmas International originally conceived and planned this web site in 1994 and launched it in November, 1994.

Dr. Eastman also conceived and launched the moderated USENET newsgroup sci.physics.plasma in July, 1994. The present upgraded web site for all plasma sciences will reside indefinitely at http://www.plasmas.org.

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This plasma science and technology web site has been prepared as a service for the general public as well as for the educational and research communities. Our purpose is to communicate the fascination of plasma science, the vast range of its applications, and its profound implications for 21st century science and technology as well as for daily life. This web site is dedicated to the plasma sciences community worldwide and has no obligation or necessary linkage to any particular company, organization, or country.


We are grateful to numerous organizations and individuals for their multifarious contributions, both direct and indirect. Partial support for preparation and construction of the site has been provided by the Department of Energy under grant DE-FG03-97ER54409 and the National Science Foundation under grant PHY-0317384.
  The Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado has provided invaluable service. For the Exhibit section, special thanks is due to members of the
Coalition for Plasma Science
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