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Corporations Worldwide Utilizing Plasmas
(alphabetical by country)
  • Europlasma, Oudenaarde near Gent / Belgium
    design and manufacturing of gasplasmasystems; activation of plastic, ceramics, metals, and glass for cleaning and adhesion before gluing, painting, printing, printed circuit board cleaning; hydrophylisation for textiles; medical cleaning systems; plasmapolymerisation
  • Tekna Plasma Systems, Inc., Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
    induction plasma technology, products: custom plasma systems for production of coatings, ultra-fine powers, chemical and ceramic synthesis, thermal destruction of wastes, production of bulk metal parts, including full turbine plates for aviation
  • RCL Plasma, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    develop and promote the plasma gasification process for environmentally sound waste and energy management, products: modular plasma gasification system, plasma torch
  • Plasco Energy Group, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Plasco Energy Group uses its Plasma Gasification Process (PGP) to convert carbonaceous materials such as municipal solid waste into energy-rich fuel or “syngas” and a commercially useful, inert solid, or “slag”.
  • SatCon Power System, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    Designers and manufacturers of power conversion and power quality equipment, specifically of chopper type power supplies for plasma arc application, from kW to multi-MW size.
  • IE Power, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Design and manufacturer of DC and AC power converters in power ranges up to tens of megawatts; plasma power supplies & precision power supplies for high energy physics.
  • Refla Ltd, St. Larnaka, Cyprus
    Specialist in small plasma generators to be embedded in medical devices and industrial
    laser systems; low-cost, compact high-frequency gas discharge electrodes and systems.
  • Plasma Quest Ltd. (UK, France, International)
    Remote plasma generation technology for thin film applications and a major evolution from traditional magnetron techniques. PQL HiTUS technology provides improved precision, stability, reproducibility, and stress control.
  • PlasmaConsult GmbH, Wuppertal, Germany
    manufacturer of radio frequency and microwave plasma sources, plasma diagnostic systems, substrate holders, plasma processing systems, thin film coatings, plasma cleaning
  • Kjellberg Finsterwalde, Finsterwalde, Germany
    products: aircooled and watercooled plasma cutting systems for materials 0.1 to 150 mm, arc welding equipment
  • Engineer's Office for Applied Spectroscopy, Aalen, Germany
    fiber optic diode array spectrometer for PVD plasma for complete UV-NIR range for process gas flow control and vaporization progress, products: PVD plasma emission monitoring systems C++ library for parameter-free spline-smoothing of data
  • ASI Advanced Semiconductor Instruments GmbH Berlin, Germany
    Global supplier of Advanced Process Control APC equipment and services to the semiconductor industry; manufacture of III-V semiconductor devices; plasma diagnostic
    system (Hercules) for reactive rf plasmas; production-line plasma monitoring systems.
  • Huettinger Electronics, Freiburg, Germany
    pulsed magnetron sputtering with medium-freq (30-80kHz) pulse techniques, RF generators for plasma processing, products: RF generators for plasma processing and induction heating (300 W to 300 kW; DC to 300 kHz)
  • Arcraftplasma Plasma  Sakinaka, Mumbai, India
    manufacturer of air plasma cutting machines, torches, and welding systems including
    micro-plasma welding machines
  • Dow Corning Plasma Solutions , Cork, Ireland
    products: plasma deposition of super-functional coatings onto most surfaces,
    including atmospheric pressure plasma surface engineering systems and technology
  • Scientific Systems, Dublin, Ireland
    diagnostic instruments for characterising and monitoring RF electrical discharges and for design and control solutions required for advance semiconductor plasma processes, products: designs and markets edge diagnostic instruments Smart Probe - automated Langmuir probe diagnostic, compact PIM - plasma impedance monitor
    Engineering Solutions International ESIL, Dublin, Ireland
    simulation engineering consultancy firm; simulation of plasma properties and virtual testing; surface coating and deposition including thermal spraying, etch and thin film deposition
  • Telwin S.p.A, Vicenza, Italy, products: plasma cutting systems, single-phase low-consumpion and three-phase of 35 to 150A capacity
  • Plasmavision, Fujitsu General Limited, Japan
    products: Plasmavision 42 thin panel display system (US link)
  • Aludra B.V., Vlaardingen, The Netherlands
    products: atmospheric plasma spray systems
  • Philips Electronics, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    products: one of the world's largest television manufacturers, including plasma televisions.
  • Applied Plasma Physics AS, Sandnes, Norway
    products: modular air pollution control system using electro- and plasma physics, corona reactor, high frequency power conversion (HFPC) or switched mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • SCANARC Plasma Technologies AB, Hofors, Sweden
    products: plasma systems from 100 kW to 10MW for heating of oxidizing and reducing gases, flash smelting, pyroarc process, plasmasmelt and slag reduction, experiments: Hofors pilot plant, 2MW & 8MW supplies, 1MW arc furnace
  • Haefely EMC Technology, Basil, Switzerland
    high voltage test equipment, up to 10 MV, EMC test equipment, diagnostics
  • Plus Electronic, Isparta, Turkey
    plasma sources for deposition, etching, sputtering, sterilization; plasma diagnostic systems; automation, vacuum and space systems, including plasma thrusters; decontamination and skin regeneration
  • LOKS Plasma Services Ltd., Blackburn, UK
    products: underwater plasma cutting systems; custom stainless steel cut profiles from 3mm to 100mm thick up to 3 by 18 meters
  • Tetronics Limited, Faringdon, Oxon, UK
    High temperature DC plasma arc technology specialists; metallurgical processes, design, fabrication, and installation of commercial plasma arc based systems; applications from treatment of both liquid and solid wastes, to tundish heating for the steel industry.
    products: DC plasma arc systems; steel tundishes; remediation and recycling; vitrified waste tiles; melting and recovery of glass and metals.
  • Surface Technological Systems, South Wales, UK
    products: plasma etch and deposition systems for thin film processing, ICP, ECR, RIE, plasma CVD, sputtering technologies
  • Helica Instruments Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    helium plasma beam controllable to cauterize to single-cell depth to full 1mm penetration for safe and easy procedures for tissue cauterization, products: Helica Thermal Coagulator TC
  • Adtec Europe Limited, Hounslow, Middlesex, UK
    RF generators and matching units, with focus on ruggedness; and diagnostic equipment
  • JVC Professional, London, UK
    products: plasma display screens
  • Plasma Quest Ltd. (UK, France, International)
    Remote plasma generation technology for thin film applications and a major evolution from traditional magnetron techniques. PQL HiTUS technology provides improved precision, stability, reproducibility, and stress control.
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U. S. Corporations Utilizing Plasmas (alphabetical order)

    • ActiveLight Corp., Poulsbo, WA
      products: gas plasma displays from Fujitsu, Pioneer, and NEC
    • Advanced Energy, Fort Collins, Colorado
      products: power conversion and control systems, thin film plasma processing, RF cleaning, ion sources, inductively coupled plasma sources (ICP), plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
    • Advanced Heat Treat Corp., Waterloo, Iowa
      products: "UltraGlow" ion nitriding surface treatment using glow discharge plasma
    • Air Tech International Corp., Silver Spring, Maryland
      products: HVAC maintenance, cleaning and repair; mold and bacterial control service
      atmospheric and pressurized cold plasma technologies for enhanced indoor air quality
    • AirinSpace, Inc., Leesburg, Virginia
      creator of Plasmair systems for lowering airborne contamination levels in hospitals;
      used in sensitive areas for over 100 major French hospitals.
    • Anatech Ltd , Springfield, Virginia
      Manufacturer of sputtering systems; provider of coating services
      products: batch-style box, barrel and planar electrode systems for cleaning and surface modification
    • Applied Materials
      products: plasma etch processing chambers and etch processing platforms, decoupled plasma source (DPS), high-density plasma chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system, (largest producer of wafer fabrication systems)
    • Applied Plasma Technologies Falls Church, Virginia
      products: plasma-assisted combustion systems for ignition, flame control, clean and stable combustion of different fuels for gas turbine engines, boilers, technological burners;
      host of Plasma Assisted Combustion workshops (IWEPAC)
    • Atmospheric Glow Technologies Knoxville, Tennessee
      products: non-thermal atmospheric plasma systems for air purification, decontamination and sterilization, materials treatment, biotechnology and homeland security
    • Bekaert Advanced Coating Technologies
      diamond-like coatings by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
      products: coatings for electronics, CD and DVD molds, and metal framing applications
    • Centricut, Lebanon, New Hampshire
      products: plasma cutting consumables and replacement torches
    • CNC Plasma Cutter Company, St. Louis, Missouri
      products: plasma cutting tables, software, installation and training
    • Control Vision Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho
      products: digital camera imaging of extremes in brightness, temperature, and high-speed processes, image gallery
    • Daytona MIG, Daytona Beach, Florida
      products: portable welders and plasma cutters; pocket plasma system only $775.
    • Diamonex, Allentown, Pennsylvania
      products: ion beam and RF plasma deposition of diamond coatings
    • Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corp., Texas
      products: plasma processor applications to environmental systems, wafers and thin films, packaging, electromagnetic systems, energy [Bernard Eastlund was co-inventor of fusion torch about 1970, and co-founded Fusion UV Systems], experiments: large volume plasma processor LVPP
    • ESAB Cutting Systems Florence, South Carolina
      Since 1955, ESAB has developed and refined their plasma cutters and plasma cutting machines; portable to large gantry systems; precision, multi-process plasma cutting machines; full control of plasma cutting parameters.
    • FM Technologies, Inc., Fairfax, Virginia
      microwave and particle beam generation and utilization, focused particle beam systems, plasma physics, and materials science and engineering
    • Fujitsu General America
      products: PlasmaVision42 note: plasma display technolog
    • General Atomics Fusion Group, General Atomics, San Diego, California
      tokamak research - all aspects, diagnostics ICF research, ICF target support software: transport code ONETWO, equilibrium EFIT, data analysis 4D, equilibrium TOQ, experiments: National Fusion Facility DIII-D ICF, target support for five ICF laboratories
    • Geoplasma, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia
      plasma arc technology for the remediation of waste materials; H-POWER plants
    • Global Plasma Systems Corporation, Washington, D.C.
      waste management services utilizing plasma heating technology; waste-to-energy and waste disposal and treatment; mixed waste sources including low-level radioactive, industrial and medical waste, contaminated soil, compact inert slag output
    • Hobart Plasma Cutters
      complete line of Hobart plasma cutters and welding systems through
    • Hypertherm, Hanover, New Hampshire
      products: plasma cutting technology (up to 2" steel), history of plasma cutting technology and plasma arc process, plasma cutting animation
    • Integrated Environmental Technologies, LLC Richland, Washington
      products: plasma enhanced melter (PEM) for wide variety of wastes; process demo since 3/97, waste streams - radioactive, hazardous, medical, industrial, municipal, tire waste, economic and environmental benefits
    • IonO2X Engineering LLC, Woodland, Washington
      products: compact, scalable plasma systems for large air flow odor abatement; e.g., agricultural processing plants such as for fish food and pet food.
    • Kaliburn Plasma Cutting Innovation, Charleston, South Carolina
      products: precision high definition plasma cutting systems, torch height control products, and industrial-rated air plasma cutting systems for high volume applications.
    • Kinema Research and Software, Monument, Colorado
      products: software 2-D plasma modeling system PLASMATOR, non-equilibrium, time-dependent plasma chemistry code KINEMA, Boltzmann equation solver ELENDF, plasma chemistry modeling and surface modeling, SIGLO 3-D plasma display modeling
    • Komatsu Cutting Tech, Wilmington, Massachusetts
      products: 'RASOR" fine plasma cutting systems; 5'x10' cutting up to 1.5" thick
    • LAM Research Corporation, Fremont, California
      products: dry etch processing systems, both conductive etch and dielectric etch
    • Lincoln Electric, Cleveland, Ohio
      products: 1/4 to 3/4" plasma cutting
    • L3 Communications San Carlos, California and Williamsport, Pennsylvania
      products: electron devices; microwave vacuum and power systems
    • March Plasma Systems, Concord, California and St. Petersburg, Florida
      products: gas plasma technology for micro- and opto-electronic packaging and PCB industries;
      informative discussion of plasma science for packaging applications
    • G. E. Mathis Co., Chicago, Illinois
      products: 40 ton indexable punchng capability and true-cut air plasma cutting up to 60" wide, 1000# plates
    • MKS Instruments  Wilmington, Massachusetts
      products: RF power delivery systems, physical vapor deposition (PVD) tools esp. for plasma etch, IC manufacture, storage media, flat panel and enhancement coating, DC high power conversion
    • Modern Machine Tool Co., Jackson, Mississippi
      products: laser and plasma cutoff lathes; cut stock automatically up to 5 tons, 20 ft
    • Novellus, San Jose, CA
      products: chemical vapor deposition (CVD), physical vapor deposition (PVD) automated wafer fabrication systems for deposition of thin films; dielectric plasma enhanced CVD (PECVD), dielectric high-density plasma (HDP-CVD) systems
    • NUVOTEC usa Richland, Washington
      induction-coupled (ICP) reforming process or gasification produces clean fuels from numerous hydrocarbons; carbon nanotube production; waste processing facilities
    • Osram Sylvania, Danvers, Massachusetts
      products: lighting systems, fluorescent lamps, lighting research, services, products
    • Panasonic
      products: plasma display systems
      Larry Weber of Plasmaco (a Panasonic company), a pioneer in the plasma TV revolution
    • PEAT, Inc., Huntsville, Alabama
      products: thermal destruction and recovery (TDR) process; plasam process and vitrification of waste streams - medical, pyrotechnics and explosives, thermal batteries, ammunition, redwater, labpacks
    • Phoenix Solutions Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota
      products: plasma heating systems for waste treatment, plasma arc torches, melting metals and hazardous waste, converting organics such as municipal solid waste to fuel gas and useable chemicals, enhance recycling
    • Plasma Automation Inc., Hicksville, New York
      products: vicon plasma cutting machines; thin metal cutting, control software
    • Plasma Coatings Inc., Waterbury, Connecticut
      products: custom application of specialty surface materials; release/non-stick, traction, traction & release, helps with low friction, wear & corrosion conductivity (thermal and electrical)
    • Plasma Etch, Inc., Carson City, Nevada
      products: high-capacity plasma etch systems
      applications list under 'markets for plasma tech'
    • Plasma Systems Inc., San Jose, California
      products: etchback and conformal coating and potting; nickel and gold plating
    • Plasma Technics Inc. Racine, Wisconsin
      products: high voltage transformers
    • Plasma Technology Inc., Torrence, California
      products: thermal coating industry; about 300 different coatings with five different coating techniques; about 32 significant variables in coating process
    • Plasma Whirl Technologies, Lafayette, Louisiana
      products: Plasma Whirl for solids and liquids; ArcWhirl for liquids
      custom implementation of three crosscutting technologies (separation and fluid flow; high temperature plasma; electromagnetic radiation) for wide array of applications
    • Plasmacam, Inc.
      products: plasma cutting systems for artistic and geometric metal parts.
    • PlasmaSol, Hoboken, New Jersey
      products: capillary discharge non-thermal plasma reactor, provides for volatile organic
      contaminant remediation, surface cleaning and combustion control.
    • Plex, LLC, Cambridge, Massachusetts
      products: compact EUV photon source (20-300A) for lithography using plasma pinch source
    • Precision Products, Canaan, New Hampshire
      products: precision cut plasma torches
    • Pro-Fusion Technologies, Inc., Newbury Park, California
      products: plasma welding torches
    • Retech Systems LLC, Ukiah, California
      metallurgical processing equipment; plasma arc centrifugal treatment (PACT) systems; plasma melting systems (plasma arc, electron beam, vacuum induction, vacuum arc remelting), electrode melting and casting
    • RobotWorx, Marion, Ohio
      Reseller and integrator of new and refurbished industrial automation and robotics for applications such as arc welding, resistance welding, and spot welding.
    • Sigma Technologies International, Inc. Coatesville, Pennsylvania
      products: vacuum and atmospheric plasma treaters, multilayer coating equipment
      provide large linear plasma treaters; e.g., 3.5m reactors treating films at 3500ft/ min.
    • Stainless Plate Products, Inc., Coatesville, Pennsylvania
      products: CNC plasma cutting, from 4" square to 136"x333" and to 5" thick stainless
    • Stainless Processing Inc.
      products: CNC plasma system - from 11 gauge sheet to 5" plate; supplier of rings, discs, flanges, custom shapes
    • Startech Environmental Corp.
      Plasma Waste Converter; economical processing of all solid, liquid and gasious wastes; organic and inorganic; hazardous and non-hazardous.
    • Tech-X Corporation, Boulder, Colorado
      particle-in-cell (PIC) plasma physics simulation (OOPIC Pro) - improves plasma physics education, solves challenging problems in basic research, aids in plasma-processing.
    • Thermal Dynamics, Thermadyne Industries Group West Lebanon, New Hampshire
      products: plasma arc cutting systems and supplies
      design and manufacture of plasma
      arc cutting and welding torches and systems since 1957; precision cutting of any
      material from light gauge to 4" (9.6 cm) thick
    • TRION Technology, Tempe, Arizona
      products: maker of plasma etch and deposition systems note: plasma cookbook
    • Vapor Technologies Inc., Boulder, Colorado
      products: deposition of metallic and ceramic coatings by low-temperature arc vapor deposition (LTAVD), or cathodic arc plasma vapor deposition process (PVD); metalization of plastics, metalization of dielectric substrate for capacitors, medical device applications
    • Varian Medical Equipment, Palo Alto, California
      medical systems - oncology, x-ray products, cargo screening and inspection
    • Weldlogic, Inc., Newbury Park, California
      products: micro-arc plasma; 50 amp plasma welding torch (PT-10)
    • Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, Madison, Pennsylvania
      plasma-fired cupola, diamond deposition, waste treatment, pyroplasma,sponge iron (DRI) melting

    • XEI Scientific, Inc., Redwood City, California
      Remote RF plasma systems for removing contamination and hydrocarbons from electron microscopes and vacuum systems; specializes in low power (<100w) cleaning systems.
    • Yield Engineering Systems, San Jose, California
      products: plasma strippers, plasma cleaning systems, acquired Glen Tech. 3/98

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