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Plasma science and technology are multilevel, multifacted, and multimedia as demonstrated here by diverse and comprehensive links to references, subjects, societies, publications, conferences, funding sources, formulary, glossary, newsgroups, and a broad-based Coalition for Plasma Science founded to increase public awareness and understanding of the plasma sciences and their many applications and benefits to society.

General Resources

References and Subject Areas
Plasma Dictionary from LLNL
Sites Worldwide
  IEEE Plasma Science and Application Committee
Databases, Conferences, Software, Jobs,
Who's Who, Site Listings

   Weizmann Institute, Israel
Properties of Atoms, Molecules and Plasmas   Centre de Donnees GAPHYOR, Orsay, France
Plasma Formulary
   Naval Research Laboratory
Frequently-asked Questions FAQ - Robert Heeter
   Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Fusion and Plasma Glossary - Robert Heeter
Space Science Institute, Boulder, Colorado

Major Plasma Fields

Basic Plasma Physics
Plasma Technology

Space Physics
Plasma Astrophysics

Fusion - High Energy Density Physics
Fusion - Magnetic C
Fusion - Alternate Concepts

Professional Societies

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics,
Commission on Plasma Physics
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National Academy of Sciences
Plasma Science Committee
Board on Physics and Astronomy
Space Studies Board

American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
Division of Plasma Physics

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society
Plasma Science and Applications Committee

American Geophysical Union
Space Physics and Aeronomy Section

AVS Science & Technology Society

European Physical Society
Plasma Physics Division

Thermal Spray Society

United Nations

United Nations University
PlasmaNet Plasma Calendar

United Nations Office for
Outer Space Affairs

Space Activities of Member States

International Aerospace Information
Network (IAIN)
Space Agencies and Organizations
Educational Institutions
Aerospace R&D Organizations, Facilities

Library of Congress

  Societies and Journals

  Space Agencies

  Major Plasma Fields


All-Plasma Sites

Coalition for Plasma Science
for enhanced public awareness and understanding of plasma science and technology

International Union of Pure and Applied Physics,
Commission on Plasma Physics

Moderated Newsgroup sci.physics.
Archive for newsgroup

Plasma Science & Technology

Plasma arc lamps for industry
plasma arc lamps

Journals & Publications

American Institute of Physics AIP
Physics of Plasmas
Journal of Applied Physics
Physical Review E
   (Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids)
Journal of Plasma Physics

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

American Geophysical Union AGU
Journal of Geophysical Research
(JGR-A/Space Physics)

ASM International
Journal for Thermal Spray Technology
Advanced Materials & Processes Magazine

Institute of Physics IOP
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Plasma Source Science and Technology
Astronomy & Geophysics

Cambridge University Press
Laser and Particle Beams journal
Comments on Plasma Physics and Fusion

Elsevier Science Direct
Int'l Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Processes

Plasma physics on-line from LANL

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